sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013


This morning we woke up with these words that made us very proud of our lattest shippment to the USA:

"So I took this for a test drive this morning. I need to adjust one foot block a little, but this boat has the most smooth, stable ride I've ever felt in a composite surf boat.. As Gerry has said it's very forgiving but it is also tons of fun even on late takeoffs in crappy Florida surf. I love it. Rui Fonseca - this is a great kayak!"

SPIN is RPF's high performance sit in surfkayak. We have sent a few to a little bit all over the world and have received excelent feed back. SPIN is very agile and maneuvrable, a great buddy to have fun on waves.

Set RPF SPIN as your default kayak!

Check out some more RPF SPIN footage.